we can enable conerence option on openfire by installing ofmeet plugin but there is no way to reocrd conference yet. The ofmeet plugin has been created embbeding jitsi meet. The jibri is the componet which use for conference record on jitsi meet. I could configure jibri to openfire.

step to install jibri to openfire

ofmeet plugin customization

  1. first you have to add recording buttons to the ofmeet plugin
  public List<String> getButtonsEnabled()
      return JiveGlobals.getListProperty( "ofmeet.buttons.enabled", Arrays.asList( "camera", "chat", "desktop", "etherpad", "feedback", "fodeviceselection", "fullscreen", "hangup", "info", "invite", "microphone", "profile", "raisehand", "settings", "sharedvideo", "shortcuts", "stats", "videoquality","recording", "livestreaming" ) );

   public List<String> getButtonsImplemented()
      // These should match the implementations that are provided in the Toolbox.web.js file in jitsi-meet.
      return JiveGlobals.getListProperty( "ofmeet.buttons.implemented", Arrays.asList( "camera", "chat", "desktop", "etherpad", "feedback", "fodeviceselection", "fullscreen", "hangup", "info", "invite", "microphone", "profile", "raisehand", "settings", "sharedvideo", "shortcuts", "stats", "videoquality","recording", "livestreaming"  ) );
  1. add toolbar buttons
 ofmeet.toolbar.button.recording.description=Enable Recording
 ofmeet.toolbar.button.livestreaming.description=Enable Live Streaming
  1. enbale recording on config
 config.put( "fileRecordingsEnabled", true);
 config.put( "liveStreamingEnabled", true);
  1. add sip communicatopr properties
System.setProperty( "org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.BREWERY", JiveGlobals.getProperty( "org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.BREWERY", "" ));
 System.setProperty( "org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.PENDING_TIMEOUT", JiveGlobals.getProperty( "org.jitsi.jicofo.jibri.PENDING_TIMEOUT","90"));

jibri customization

the ofmeet confenrence url something like this when we recording conrence jibri try to open confernece like this it is now correct therefor we have to provice base url for the jibri to join conference.

  1. you have to add meetUrl to config.js
  1. change the callurl
val callUrlInfo = getCallUrlInfoFromJid(
  1. add meetUrl to xmpp environment

    val meetUrl: String,


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