Jitsi has inbuilt recording and streaming facilities that provide commercial-grade features from open source greatness. Jitsi requires a Jibri recording server running for each conference which needs recording. Recording start and end are gracefully informed to all users and can be initiated by Moderators of a session. Meetrix can help clients set up autoscaling or non-autoscaling Jibri recorders for their needs on their preferred infrastructure provider such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Streaming video to YouTube is built-in and easy. Jitsi also allows streaming to other platforms using their stream keys. Streaming videos through Facebook or Youtube would help clients, especially events companies reach thousands of users without being limited to the capacities of their infrastructure.

Authenticating moderators and curating participants is easy with Jitsi's support of role-based access through JWT tokens or the password-protected lobby. Customizations we do allows organizations to handle different scenarios such as when there should be one moderator who can select who can collaborate and if it would be moderator video share only and a diverse number of other options.

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