PSTN or VoIP-based communications is a must for organizations who are on the move and responding fast to the needs of users in today's global Covid reality. It is also a necessity for teams who have to move to and from different sites, cities, or even countries to stay connected where ever they are with audio or audio-video both through web and video conferences. Users also use a diverse set of devices such as basic or feature phones, smartphones, or touch-tone devices for such PSTN - SIP communications over VoIP.

Jitsi Jigasi module with a SIP provider can help bridge this connectivity need over well-tested solutions such as FreeSwtich, Twilio, Voxinplant, Telnyx, or Asterix. Deploying these over multi-region, multi-shard setups with local connectivity numbers for direct dial-in with passcodes or dial-out are configurations that will help your teams deliver without delay.

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