Meetrix is a global WebRTC and Jitsi expert catering to diverse markets. Customers include Government, International aid, Technology services and Telecommunications, Medicine and healthcare, Education, Entertainment and many more. Follow the blogs below to understand how we can help your next real time communications project. We specialize in WebRTC and our expertise extends beyond Jitsi, so what ever your conferencing needs, we might be able to support you so do get in touch.

Read our blogs and understand how we can support you.

  1. Settng up Jitsi Meet on AWS | Azure | GCP
  2. Recording and streaming with Jibri
  3. Autoscaling JVB and Jibri for Jitsi meet
  4. Jitsi meet rebranding and customization
  5. Setting up Jitsi meet to work with Firewalls
  6. Configuring Jigassi with a SIP server


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