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We offer a wide range of services for Jitsi and WebRTC

JItsi infrastructure

Tailor-made Terraform and Kubernetes scripts for Jitsi Meet auto scaling on AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean and other cloud platforms

WebRTC Monitoring

Monitoring systems to measure WebRTC metrics that help improve your video conferencing platforms performance and quality

Jitsi Machine Images

Preconfigured Jitsi infrastructure images for load-balanced, autoscaling configurations available for self-managed deployment on your AWS instances.

WebRTC Architecture

Architecture consultation for video conferencing solutions, aiming to cater for a large number of concurrent participants

WebRTC Load Testing

Load test your video conferencing infrastructure with a large number of virtual participants

WebRTC Infrastructure Auditing

Audit existing WebRTC infrastructure to identify issues and provide recommendations

Technology expertise

Our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, including programming languages, WebRTC and more. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we deliver innovative and tailored technology solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Scale and make robust, secure communications apps, integrate blockchain or new communication models, add RPA bots, and further enhance functionalities to ensure they stay at the forefront of technological innovation.
Conduct load and stress tests on your WebRTC video conferencing platform, ensuring its robustness and security. Once certified, your platform takes the first crucial step towards becoming a trusted player in the realm of serious real-time communications platforms.
Efficiently establish a Kubernetes-based Jitsi infrastructure, swiftly cutting down setup time by weeks or even months. Our tailored, executable code expedites the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Jitsi WebRTC Infrastructure deployment on AWS for video conferencing just got easier with customized Terraform scripts for tech-savvy digital agencies. We also have Kubernetes code for GCP or Azure deployments.
Seeking a dynamic transformation for your video conferencing solution? We specialize in turning your visions into reality. Customize the UI to your heart's content, incorporate features like polls, whiteboard, bots, and more, to create a truly unique experience.
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In-house video conferencing platform Powered by Jitsi Meet Admin Panel

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Meetrix’s extensive knowledge and comprehensive Jitsi implementation services are second to none. Working with them has been game-changing for my business, and their technical expertise and support have been incredible. I would highly recommend Meetrix to any company!

Kevin Wong
Co-Founder & CEO maloon GmbH

Meetrix is a professional expert in WebRTC implementations. They also were professional and provided a robust solution to auto scaling our Jitsi Infrastructure implementation with Octo integration to reduce the latency during the events that we will conduct.

Rishi Kudale

The consultant work for my IT firm was outstanding: quick to assess the needs, quick to match the time-slots, very effective in their job, great value.Not only was my problem fixed but we also came out with know-how and training.Would DEFINITELY recommend and consult again.

Tommaso Basilici
Diciannove soc. coop.

Meetrix is a professional expert in WebRTC implementations. They did the Student messages only visible to the moderator customization for us. As the CEO of Ambition Guru, we can recommend Meetrix to any customer who needs help on a WebRTC project.

Ambition Guru Nepal Pvt Ltd

Meetrix consultants were able to help us understand better how Jitsi works and how we could make the perfect installation/setup for our B2B customers. They were quickly available despite the COVID-19 context and we met deadlines thanks to their awesome support. Thanks again.

Guillaume Potier
Co-founder & CTO of Wisembly

Meetrix has some really talented people and we like working with them. They deliver what they promise

David Neuhaus
Co-Founder & CEO maloon GmbH

The Meetrix team was instrumental in providing us with video conferencing customizations specific to our needs. The developers showed great mastery of the programming elements and were able to help advise us in discussing the best way forward. We would definitely use them again!

Lynn Comer

Meetrix team have really helped support Babl with deploying a key part of our global infrastructure.

Chris Martin
Babl Global

The largest private residential ship The World, was looking to improve its onboard staff communications by enabling conferencing across various departments. The Jitsi based, offline solution supporting audio & video conferencing deployed by Meetrix was the ideal solution given our specific deployment needs

Giridhar Menon
The World CC

Meetrix supported us with Jitsi upgrade for the infrastructure setup that we deployed in phase 1.They also were professional and provided collaborative support to our team by removing of legacy infrastructure as well.

Australian App Dev Company

Meetrix is a professional expert in WebRTC and they implemented non auto scaling Jitsi implementation for one of our customers . They also were professional and provided customer training post the implementation as well.

UR Solution

Meetrix supported us setup an Azure cloud Jitsi setup which can support 500 concurrent users. They also were professional and provided us collaborative support with our own devops team to go-live within a few daysNATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence -, 2021


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