What Exactly Is Jitsi?

Jitsi is a collection of open-source WebRTC and voice telephony projects that simplifies creating and deploying stable video conferencing systems. Jitsi Video Bridge and Jitsi Meet are at the heart of the community, allowing you to conduct video conferences. Other projects in the community include additional features, such as audio, dial-in, recording, and simulcasting.

Jisti for the Healthcare Sector

Health industry is a privacy first sector where patient data and communications should be highly confidential. The healthcare industry is currently gaining significant benefits from new technology, with open source video conferencing being one of the most prominent elements. Not only can doctors and staff gain the benefits, but so do the patients. As an example, one of our clients, a top US surgeon and medical clinic who also trains other medical practitioners, is gaining huge benefits from the Jitsi customized version developed by us. We developed a self-hosted secure Jitsi video conferencing platform where only authorized doctors and practitioners can collaborate in real-time. This client uses the platform to teach how to carry out surgeries and other medical procedures over high definition video and audio live tutorials.

Some customizations that we have done for them are,

  • Participant audio and video is suppressed by default. Participants can not turn on their audio or video. Thus, participants are always muted and not visible.

  • The Client will ensure that the moderator is the first user into the session and programmatically pass this user's id into the jitsi app. Other participants cannot enter the room without the Moderator starting the session. This moderator/host video will be pinned at all times to full screen and only one moderator is permitted. This means only the host video/audio is streaming and host video takes the entire screen.

  • No tile view. Thus, all participants see the host's video in High Definition 1080p over high-quality audio and the host sees the host's video while they practice.

  • Custom branding and white labeling

  • The participant can unmute and mute their microphones if Moderator allows to show the microphone buttons to participants

    • Moderator can enable/ disable the microphone show option for participants.
    • In Mid Session doctors can enable participant's audio to unmute and talk then get feedback
    • If the moderator needs, he can disable the microphones of all participants.



  1. Moderator can enable two-way audio by pressing a custom button as follows. By having this as a special feature, it is useful for trainers to teach without hindrance and control participation as necessary.


  2. Participant view - when moderator enables the microphone to participants allows them to ask questions and interact with the trainer
    Click on the microphone button to unmute


  3. If the moderator needs to mute all and disable the microphone again
    Simply click here to disable the audio feature


We can use this versatile technology in many ways in the healthcare sector, including the use for training and live surgeries and for regular treatments. Jitsi video conferencing has many major benefits that the whole healthcare sector can take advantage of such as HD quality video.

Reduced Cost

Many doctors serve patients through video conferencing technology, reducing office visit costs. As a result, an increasing number of patients can receive medical treatment that they would not have received otherwise. And this also reduces meetings, training, consultations, and conferences. Medical professionals can also collaborate with their patients, laboratories, and support staff from anywhere, saving time and money. Both are significant cost-cutting advantages.

Remote Support and Enhanced Communications With All the Parties

When patients are too sick or experiencing medical complications, they can consult with their doctors remotely without arriving at hospitals or medical centers. Doctors can conduct initial consultations and follow-ups remotely. And they can also collaborate with professionals, improve patient care, and enhance patient care by offering services that the client actually expects.

Improved Patient Care

Since doctors have direct access to medical reports, photographs, and other professionals through video conferencing, patient care is well-timed and reliable. Doctors can communicate directly with workers caring for a patient in a distant location, improving treatment delivery.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Jitsi video conferencing increases productivity and efficiency. Effective communication between doctors and patients will increase efficiency and productivity by reducing travel time and costs.

Similarly, by using Jitsi video conferencing, the healthcare sector can advance to the next level by satisfying all parties involved.

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