Open source video conferencing for enterprises and startups

Video conferencing has changed the way people work, learn and provide information. Remote work has taken over 55% of jobs today, and is safe, easy to use and cheaper for employers as well employees. Companies save up to USD 11,000 a year per employee, increasing job performance and satisfaction with the right tools in place. Money saved from purchasing physical office spaces, insurance, security, and maintenance services can be increased up to 80% depending on the scale & location of your operations.

As a leader in an IT enabled market, decisions must also be taken into account regarding video conferencing infrastructure, support and tools. Open source WebRTC video conferencing solutions used by clients to whom Meetrix provides consultation, architecture services, installation, redundancy setup and maintenance services host over 20,000 concurrent users based across 70 nations and all major geographic regions.

They also save over two thirds of the costs when compared to hosting video conferencing on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. With the right tools in place, getting the same service quality, cost benefit and security compliance over your own infrastructure is possible with open source tools such as Jitsi.

Learn how we do it and what options you have for the next big upgrade of your video conferencing journey in the new digital normal.

Who this session is for:

  • CIOs, CTOs, IT Decision makers
  • System Architects, Software Professionals working on video conferencing

What will be covered?

  • Why self hosted video conferencing?
  • Harnessing the power of open source and saving big
  • Use cases and advantages of video conferencing for your business
  • What is Jitsi?
  • Architectures that scale - Auto scaling and typical costs of infrastructure
  • Challenges in getting 1000s of users into a single conference
  • Security and working with corporate firewalls
  • Januz, Kurento, FreeSwitch, Asterix, Jitsi, Voxinplant, Asterix, what should I use?
  • Taking your conferencing needs real time with Meetrix - about us
  • Quick dive into our process
  • How to get in touch with us - Thank you

A little background on the presenters

Dilushan Delgoda - Senior Dev Ops lead/ Jitsi Specialist

Buddhika Jayawardena - WebRTC specialist

Achala Meddegama - COO/ IT Consultant

Jayamini Rodrigo - PM/ Communications specialist

New York(EDT) 10 AM.
Berlin(Germany) (CEST) 4PM
Thursday,August 26th, 2021
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