All businesses and organizations are now highly dependent on video conferencing platforms to drive n number of employees and teams to get on with their daily tasks and to make ends meet. It is very important to have a reliable platform and a customizable video conferencing platform to host many concurrent meetings. Jitsi meet is one such secure, technologically advanced, flexible and completely free open source video conferencing solution.

Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted and you can use all day, every day, for free. With a very few options left out there, let your company's video conferencing platform stand out. Let's see what you can do with Jitsi Meet :

  1. Share your desktop or share you screen, pitch and present your business.
  2. Invite participants to a conference through a simple, custom URL.
  3. You can customize and pick a unique URL for every meeting.
  4. Use Etherpad to edit documents.
  5. Exchange messages while you are in a meeting with integrated chat.

Jitsi Meet is also packed with features like:

  1. HD audio with Opus aiding in high quality sound.
  2. Encrypted by default, keeping your conversations private.
  3. Developer friendly which helps you modify and customize to your liking.

With all that said about Jitsi Meet, we at Meetrix help you install, configure, customize and host. Whether you are looking for a small scale conferencing system or a large scale conferencing facility we have suitable plans for you. Below are some of the features we will build for you :

  • Custom Domain
  • Shared Backend
  • Password Protected Rooms
  • Unlimited Conferences
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Authentication Support via JWT
  • Recording Server

Reach out to us at for further package inquiries and await our new product, Jitsi Launcher that's coming to you soon. Learn more about Jitsi and how it works, check All about shared and jitsi meet article.


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