Set up your own jitsi video conferencing platform for two hundred and fifty concurrent users and unlimited hosts.

Easily deploy using a setup wizard from AWS marketplace

Save 90% of the time and cost of deploying a similar platform true standard manual deployments

Customize and brand your Jitsi system according to your corporate and individual business requirements

Includes the latest version of Jitsi supported by a robust infrastructure of Amazon Web services including ec2.

Selected deployments contain recording features to Amazon S3 load balancing and auto scaling infrastructure

Fully tested to work with the latest and greatest web browsers including Firefox Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari web browsers

Responsive mobile supported video conferencing or native mobile app based video conferencing. Talk to us and deploy your own native jitsi Android and IOS mobile applications if you need mobile support.

Includes the fallback set up to work with most of the popular web browsers and proxies which block UDP traffic

Talk to us about further customizations such as integrating language translations, transcription Services and direct dial-in ad dial-out up features over IP protocol we can also integrate customized authentication mechanisms from ERP systems CRM and other management information systems through JWT token single sign-on LDAP and active directory protocols

This platform is brought to you by the pioneers and industry leaders in web video conferencing and real-time Communications.

Use cases for Video conferencing systems powered by Jitsi in 2022

  • Perfect for online education platforms for tutors
  • Great way to host classes for schools and universities
  • Secure and private video conferencing for hospitals or doctor - patient calls
  • Direct dial in/ dial out for maintenance and support based conferencing needs
  • Enterprise communications to host webinars and events
  • Events can be hosted and streams efficiently and with attendees managed


  • Non-auto scaling infrastructure
  • Terraform script for AWS
  • Unlimited conferences.
  • Unlimited hosts.
  • Upto 250 (~500 on audio only) concurrent users.
  • Supports Jitsi native Android and iOS apps.
  • Low monthly infrastructure cost
  • Integrate video conferencing with your own Website, CMS, ERP, CRM, Rocket Chat for unlimited flexibility.
  • Cloud watch monitoring dashboards
  • Warranty and Support: Yes (See terms and conditions)

Jitsi Meet Component Architecture


Video Conference Features

  • Moderator/ Participant roles
  • Video on/off
  • Mute/ unmute
  • Moderator [participant mute, mute all, video off all]
  • Polls and Chat
  • JWT token authentication/ PW authentication & Lobby Feature
  • Stream to any RTMP endpoint (YouTube, Video, MUX, Facebook etc.)

Server costs

fixed infrastructure costs

  • 2 core, 4GB ram machines x 1
  • 4 core, 8GB ram machines x 2
  • AWS cost based on on-demand pricing: USD 248.832 [t3a.medium x 1, c5a.xlarge x 2] Cloud providers may have updated pricing

The above cost may vary depending on the region and cloud providers may have updated pricing. Your final bill may vary on customizations and exact specifications. This cost can be reduced significantly with AWS reserved instances and savings plans.

Why do you need auto-scaling servers for video conferencing?

  • save cost when there is no use for additional servers
  • scale up and down servers to cater to video conferencing user demands

What is the role of the Jitsi Meet, JVB & Jibri servers?

  • Provides the front end for the video conferencing system
  • Manages the video & audio conferencing data transfer between conference participants.
  • Jibri servers allow recording of Jitsi meetings (this is not offered on all scripts)

Why do we set up Jitsi servers as shards

  • Shards are logical structures of servers that are deployed within a particular ISP infrastructure service providers region and availability zone
  • They contain as necessary, HA Proxy, Jitsi Meet, JVB, (optionally) Jibri servers.
  • Within each shard, there may be auto-scaling JVB and (optionally) Jibri servers to support a given number of concurrent users
  • The scripts may setup multiple shards as necessary to cater to a given number of maximum concurrent users

What's included in this purchase

  • Terraform script
  • Readme with instructions on setting up and configuring the code on AWS

Jitsi Components which will be installed

  • jitsi-meet 2.0.6433-1
  • Jicofo - 1.0-813-1
  • jitsi-videobridge2 - 2.1-570-gb802be83-1
  • Jitsi-meet-prosody - 1.0.5415-1
  • Jitsi-meet-web - 1.0.5415-1
  • Jitsi-meet-web-config - 1.0.5415-1

Operating system requirement

  • Ubuntu 20.04*

AWS permissions required

  • EC2 Full Access to create EC2, Security, EBS, EIP, Key Pairs
  • Auto Scaling Group & Launch Config for EC2
  • AWS S3 (if Jibri will be deployed for recording)
  • SNS & SQS
  • SQS Full Access
  • CloudWatch Full Access
  • Externally Allow TCP 443,80
  • Externally Allow UDP 10000 for JVB
  • Allow all traffic internally between the Jitsi -JVB
  • Allow all traffic internally between the Jibri to JVB & Vice-Versa
  • Allow all traffic internally between the Jitsi - Jibri & Vice Versa

Pre-requisites (technology knowledge and access needed to run the scripts)

  • Knowledge of AWS account administration and services
  • Knowledge on Terraform

Additional live support for setting up scripts

  • Can be provided on demand (within 24hrs from request)
  • Hourly rates applied for consultation (contact sales)

How to run the scripts

  • Purchase the scripts
  • Scripts are emailed to your given email address
  • Read the and execute them on your AWS infrastructure

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Email and chat support are available free of charge for 14 days from the date of purchase
  • Scripts cannot be resold or shared
  • Jitsi is open-source software under Apache License 2.0 license

Buy Now- Jitsi Meet 250 concurrent user video conferencing setup


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