MeetrixIO is a a well experienced team with WebRTC realated technologies. We provide commercial support for Jitsi Meet.

We are exited to announce Jitsi Meet Hosting service by MeetrixIO Whether you are looking for a small scale conferencing system or a large scale conferencing facility we have suitable plans for you.

Introductory Starter Package ($25/Month)

  • Whitelabled (With your logo and colors)
  • Custom Domain
  • Shared Backend
  • Password Protected Rooms
  • Unlimited Conferences

Enterprise Plans (Starting from $250)

  • All Starter Package Features
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Authentication Support via JWT
  • Recording Server

Meetrix can help individuals and enterprises setup Jitsi meet on varioud infrastructure services. While many people use cloud services, some would opt for on-premise data centres as well.

Jitsi meet hosting

Jitsi meet hosting is best experienced when you select a reliable, high quality network infrastructure provider. Network issues such as noise and latency may drastically reduce the call quality and usability of the platform.

Some Jitsi hosting we use are as follows.


As the largest and pioneer in cloud infrastrcture, AWS offers unbeatable pricing, largest number of data centres in different regions and a number of server capacities and services to select from. Auto scaling on Terraform and Kubernetes allows greate flexibility to enterprise customers.


Google Cloud Platform is a reliable and recognized vendor who offers Kubernetes auto scaling and many other enterprise ready technologies for deploying Jitsi Meet Infrastrcuture.


For enterprises using the powerful .net stack and the Windows line up of web OSs, Azure offers the standard in hosting Jitsi platforms.

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