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Meetrix provides multi-platform, open-source video conferencing solutions based on Jitsi, Janus, Big Blue Button, Kurento, Freeswitch, Twilio, and many others.

Our focus on Jitsi has been recognized by hundreds of global sector leaders from a multitude of segments, such as military, government, NGO, telecom, software, and healthcare. They seek our professional services in upgrading, load testing, customization, infrastructure setup and automation, modifications, and integrations of Jitsi.

Pricing Plans

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Custom Software Development Plans

Starting from 50/hourly-priced

We provide hourly-charged, custom development services for a diverse segment of use cases. Our core stack is JS-based over NodeJS/ React and extends to C++, Java, Lua, and Erlang for back-end customizations.

Our rates start from USD 50/ hour for software engineers and extend up to USD 150/ hour for system architects. Get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke requirements for real-time audio and video conferencing systems and receive a quick or detailed quote.

Terraform/ Kubernetes Script Customisations For Automatic Infrastructure Deployment

Starting from USD 2500

We provide multi-platform infrastructure automation services for a wide range of open-source software. Rates start at USD 2500.

Best Seller Alert - Aws Jitsi Automated Infrastructure Deployment With Auto-Scaling

Starting from USD 1500 /- annum

Head over to Amazon Marketplace and deploy your own Jitsi infrastructure for your corporate right now. The power of self-service automation means you control your video conferencing destiny on your own infrastructure. And the best part is you are assured of a high-quality setup minus the bother of talking to developers or managing the headaches of security. Head over to AWS Market place.

Load Testing (Jitsi Or Any Other Platform) And Certification Of Video Conferencing Platforms

Starting from USD 0.99

Your developer said it can handle 1000 concurrent users, but how can you be sure? Here’s where we can help you be sure about their claims and have peace of mind by knowing your customers will enjoy a seamless experience.

Our load testing rates range from USD 2/- to USD 0.99 per bot depending on load scales. Test reports are delivered within 36hours from payment.

Auditing Jitsi Or Any Other Video Conferencing Platform

Starting from USD 500

Do poor video quality or disconnections keep your video conferencing platform from performing as it should? We have the answer for why your platform is performing the way it is as well as the solution to your problem. Our seasoned WebRTC experts and DevOps engineers are here to provide you with the peace of mind and professional services you are looking for.

The basic audits start from USD 500 and upwards for large-scale deployments.

Meetrix Meet - MM

We provide a highly scalable and customized version of Jitsi minus all the luggage which makes it bulky. Try before you buy here…

You can deploy your own branded meeting solution within minutes, and embed it conveniently into your WordPress or Wix website, a CRM of your choices such as Hubspot, or an ERP such as Sage or SAP. The clean UIs and file sharing features with end-to-end encrypted video and audio conferencing are all you need to step into the new age of selling and connecting with video.

Breakout rooms
Tile view and presenter view
File and attachment sharing
Virtual background and blurred mode
Moderator and participant roles
Video and audio conferencing
End-to-end encryption
Screen Share
Chat and white board
Meeting scheduler and usage reports
Peer to peer mode
Lobby and waiting area with a custom message
Meetrix Meet For Sales - MMS (GDPR Compliant)
Have you ever wanted to sell your products through live discussions and demos to your clients? Individual or group sales are now just a few hours away! We have a pre-built, highly interoperable web version on offer that works just as well on all major Android and Apple mobile devices.
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Meetrix Meet For Healthcare - MMH (GDPR Compliant)
Doctor-Patient one-to-one discussions made easy and private with MMH - a GDPR compliant telehealth software with end-to-end encryption. Contact us for corporate or individual setup needs today.
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Meetrix Meet For Education - MME (GDPR Compliant)
If you are a school, university, or tuition provider with needs to support one-to-one or classes with up to 50 students, MME is the perfect solution for your needs.
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Meetrix Meet For Entertainment - MMEE
Host up to 500 participants and live stream to thousands more. The interactive live chat and moderator-enabled audio/ video for any participant is just the tip of the iceberg of MMEE.
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