Conference Rooms, Channeling, White-labeled and many more to power telemedicine
The digital transformation of healthcare services looks to make it easier and faster for patients with lower costs. Conducting sessions online not only made it easier for patients without waiting in large queues but also reduced the costs since there is no charge made by the hospital or the medical institute. It has made these consulting services more accessible for the patients.Meetrix has catered this requirement with its expertise in real-time communication and developing custom web apps. With crystal clear audio and video conferences with low bandwidth healthcare services can leverage Meetrix to move their services online.
Everything you need to start your telemedicine platform
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Video conference

The main component where doctor and patient would have their session. Built using secure protocols the video conference is guaranteed to deliver the best user experience with it being made of all the tools required. Uses WebRTC as the underline technology to unleash the power of the web while meeting the security and compliance regulations.

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Schedule Sessions

Patients can book sessions with doctors ahead of time considering the availability of doctors. Doctors can view all the sessions in a calendar view to get an overview of his schedule. Both parties will receive email notifications about the session so that they don’t have to log in to the platform to start the session.

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All the components will be custom made to match your brand.

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Your solution would be backed by expertise engineers. They would be available to solve real-time issues and keep the platform updated with the latest technologies

HIPAA Compliant Video
Our components use HIPAA compliant standards to give you a secure video conference