Online Tutoring

A complete online tutoring management platform with integrate virtual classroom
Virtual Classroom, Scheduling, User Management, Reports, Admin Panel
The digitalization of the education industry has been slow yet promising with its large market. Meetrix Teach and Meetrix Virtual Classroom make this possible by providing students, tutors and, admins a great user experience through their well-designed tools. With the experience of producing online tutoring platforms that are major platforms driving the respective countries road to the digitalization of education, Meetrix is expertise and experienced to make your online tutoring dream a reality
Build on tools and components tailor-made for online tutoring
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Virtual Classroom

Tutors and students to draw collaboratively on a whiteboard, load documents and communicate through WebRTC powered video conference and chat. Every aspect of this classroom is designed to give users the best experience online and learn without hassle.

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Schedule classrooms

Schedule classes ahead of time and view them in a calendar. Separate tables showing upcoming classes and past sessions with search and filter capabilities to easily access every detail of the class

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User Management

Sign up users using google, Facebook or integrate your current user base. See different fields of information of users with profiles designed to showcase different sections like bio, education, qualification. Add or remove users, view the list of users, edit details and search user functionality to effectively manage your users

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Get insights of classrooms and users. Detailed reports in a selected time period will make managing the business easy. For tutors it would give insight on stats like classes done etc.

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Admin Panel

Manage your business with the power of controlling everything and have insights into every little detail. Graphs, tables and charts to visualize the growth and plan accordingly. Have operational staff working under you with the ability to create accounts with different access levels.

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Every session is recorded for future reference for both student and tutor. Students find it really helpful as they can watch the recordings if they missed anything during the class time.

AI-powered learning
Meetrix is researching on improving the user experience by gaining more stats with analyzing student and class data proactively. Giving tutors better insights into how students are performing helps them to uplift their way of teaching.
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Migrate your tutoring business online
We’ve got everything built up to move or expand your business online. Contact our sales team on how you can use our expertise in building the platform you imagine