Cloud PBX Setup and SIP Integration

Setup Twilio or Voximplant or your PBX and Integrate it to video conference
Join the conference through a phone call or a SIP call
Add a dial-in number to your conference and join an ongoing conference through a phone call. Setup your Twilio, Voximplant, Asterix or FreeSwitch Account to work with the video conference
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Configure Cloud PBX

Have experts configure your Twilio or Voximplant account to create a call flow and let the users join a meeting by getting the meeting ID through an IVR. The configurations will allow forwarding an incoming call to the meeting.

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Implement a call flow

Create IVRs and get custom input from users, send requests to backend services and get user details and use those details to join the user to the conference.

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Integrate incoming SIP calls to the web conference

Configure a gateway to allow users to join through SIP to the conference.