Custom Communication Systems

We build medium and large scale real-time communication systems with WebRTC,XmPP and VOIP
Build a Complete Custom Communication system
The system will be a white labled custom made according to your requirement.The system can be used independently as a platform of it's own
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Deploy on your own server

Can be deployed in Linux servers with required specifications

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Video Conferencing

All the tools necessary for great video conference

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Individual and group chat between registered users

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Well designed architecture ensures scalability at any point

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Built on following good practices and backup servers to ensure 95% uptime

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Technical Support

We will handle all technical inquires Note: Level of support depends on the support package

Integrate Real-Time Communication to Your Current System
We could be your communication partner to integrate video,audio and chat your current platform
Share same userbase
Our platform will share your CRM,LDAP or any other userbase,so users do not have to register again
Work collaboratively with your developres
We would need the support of your developers in integrating our platform to yours.Our team will work collaboratively with your team in achieving this
Feature rich video conference
Our video and audio conference will feature all the components necessary for a great user experience