Consultation for WebRTC and Jitsi Solutions

Meetrix provides end-to-end consultancy services for WebRTC and Jitsi solutions
Support from Expertise to solve your problems
We recognise the important role of the community as leaders of WebRTC domain. Our blog provides some insights into our capabilities
Our experience is backed by a deep understanding
of how the internet, VoIP and WebRTC works in
conjunction with CRMs, ERPs and web
infrastructure such as servers, cloud services,
caching, API gateways which connect over secure
protocols based on SSL, DTSL, e2e, p2p. Having
worked with over 250 customers globally, we also
have a thorough understanding of how to help you
tailor make video conferencing solutions quickly
Meetrix.IO is your technology partner for Jitsi Meet implementation
Meetrix.IO is your technology partner for Jitsi Meet implementation
Whether you are testing the Jitsi/ WebRTC waters or
are a large enterprise looking to serve thousands if
not even hundreds of thousands of concurrent users,
Meetrix can help you understand how to setup Jitsi
infrastructure and tailor services which auto-scale, are
geographically distributed to reduce latency, is secure
and are integrated into web, mobile and other
communication nodes as you require. Consultancy
also helps you reduce unnecessary spending on
wasteful systems development and streamline
projects to deliver value at the right time, at the right
cost for the right market.