Real time communication with Meetrix

Build a secure bridge between the business and the client with real-time communication

Meetrix is a leading tech company in the world of collaboration offering a wide variety of services related to real time communication and related technologies. Companies from small to large scale all over the world have used Meetrix services to make custom communication platforms, consultation from experts and support for existing platforms

Auto Scale Jitsi Meet, Jigasi, Jicofo, Jibri and Prosody on AWS
Pre-Built Solutions
Meetrix has developed real time communication solutions for different industries like tutoring, telemedicine, consultation etc. meeting industry standards and compliances to meet the real use cases. You have the luxury of leveraging the existing solutions to meet their requirements. This makes it faster, easier and more cost effective to implement your idea and build the platform you imagine
Products build for collaboration
Meetrix has a set of products built to meet the requirements in the real time communication market and have thousands of active users using them. From a simple online screen recorder to complex consultation platforms Meetrix is delivering valuable products to the community. Meetrix is continuously researching and developing these products to keep them up to date and meet the future demands
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Meetrix.IO is the leading Jitsi Meet commercial service provider
Expertised Team

Behind every work of Meetrix is their expertised team working hard to deliver high quality service. The team consists of well qualified members with years of experience in the industry. The team works with the moral to deliver services with best customer satisfaction

Meetrix.IO is the leading Jitsi Meet commercial service provider

Every product and service is developed following the best architectures and design patterns and built on platforms which support scaling to meet future demands

Meetrix.IO is the leading Jitsi Meet commercial service provider
Most Secure

Every solution is architectured keeping security as a top priority. Use of secure protocols, security standards and good design patterns make sure the given solutions meet industry level security needed for high sensitive data

Meetrix.IO is the leading Jitsi Meet commercial service provider

Meetrix has a separate team to research on latest technologies