GO Serverless with Meetrix

Build your solution on serverless or Migrate your current system
With more and more platforms moving their services to serverless, cloud providers have been improving their services for going serverless. Being serverless means lower costs for running services, worry less about server maintenance and scale up fast with the requirement. AWS Certified engineers will work on your requirement to provide you the optimal solution considering costs,performance and use case. Whether you are a healthcare service, education related or an enterprise, having a serverless backend will make worry less about the tech and focus more on the business
We provide the best solution
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Deploy on AWS

The whole system will be architectured on AWS CloudFormation template with serverless framework so it could be deployed easily on any AWS account

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Architectured to deliver best

System will be architectured considering multiple aspects including and not limited to scalability, reliability, cost and performance.

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Certified Engineers

AWS certified engineers will be working on the project. We will ensure we deliver the best solution based on good practices

Migrate your current system to Serverless
Enjoy the comfort of being serverless. Separate out the functions and move to serverless with help of our experts